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Antonio H. Johnson

I’m from Nevada, and that is one of the best states for welding in the USA. I have been 27 years of experience in the welding industry. I’ve always been interested in welding from an early age. Now I serve as a welding instructor at a technical school in my area, providing support and mentorship for people who want to learn about welding.

I know, choosing the best welding tools is very difficult for newbies, and that’s why I have created this blog to teach newbies the basics of welding, what the best welding tools are, and where they can find it at a cheaper price. Besides this blog, I also help people via Twitter and share welding knowledge by tweeting there –Antonio H. Johnson (@myweldingtools)

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I have written many blogs on this website along with some real reviews by me, which I think might be useful for you. Keep reading all the articles here and let me know what you think about this site, using the Contact Us form.

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