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Do you think that you will pursue your career in welding? But thinking it over? You shouldn’t. Because getting into welding is easy and it has a great demand. What you should worry about is getting into the best welding schools.

Moreover, it pays you really well. Entry-level welders can earn up to 40,000$ per year. It can increase up to 500,000$ per year in a prominent field.

But now the question is which school can be the best option for you. Finding a perfect school in this field can be challenging. But to make your work easier, we have chosen the best schools to learn welding in the USA. Here are some of the top welding schools in the USA.

Best Welding Schools
  • Tulsa Welding School
  • Elite Welding Academy
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Ashland Community and Technical College
  • Welder Testing and Training Institute
  • Modern Welding School
  • Central Louisiana Technical Community College
  • Akron Testing Laboratory and Welding School
  • Apex Technical School

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So, without further due, let’s get started.

1. Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School is the best welding school you can find in the USA. It has over twenty thousand graduates and 64,520 Employees of welders with an average wage of $45,836. It is the educational institute that will teach and prepare you for welding, pipefitting, and electro-mechanical careers.

Tulsa Welding School will offer you flexible class schedules from the morning, afternoon, and evening. This school will have your back whether you are graduating from high school or thinking about changing your career or transitioning from military to civil life.

It will also provide you with experienced financial aid professionals to reduce your pocket expenses and guide you every step of your career. This institution has different campuses in the USA, including Houston, Texas, and Tulsa.

Website: www.weldingschool.com
Phone: (855) 237-7711

2. Elite Welding Academy

This giant academy of welding is situated in Cincinnati, OH; this school starts with a six month round of courses in January. It takes admission of students with one month of interval. So, it means you can enroll yourself in the course any time you like throughout the year. It emphasizes always making sure that their students are prepared for the work of welding.

In this academy, some teachers have spent years after years in this field, and it will offer a real-life experience like no other, making it one of the best welding schools out there.

Website: www.eliteweldingacademy.com

Phone: (513) 874-1410

3. Pennsylvania College of Technology

Otherwise called Pennsylvania College of Technology, or Penn tech, it has the American Welding Society understudying the part and Skills USA, a public, professional understudy association.

The two associations are necessary for understudies keen on systems administration and executives. The school gives its understudy the occasion to acquire a partner’s certifications in welding or a four-year certification in welding innovation and manufacture designing innovation, affirming that single man’s alumni can hold on to professions mid-administration and administrative positions.

Every training way shows the fundamentals of welding, yet understudies at this school can easily practice their schooling in an assortment of professional ways. So this school is one of the best according to us.

Website: www.pct.edu

4. Ashland Community and Technical College

The welding innovation program at this college keeps up that the college program’s alumni will continue to vocations in evaporator making, marine welding, fabricating, pipefitting, and ironworking.

 Much similarly to Elite Welding Academy located in Cincinnati, this college offers no nearby lodging. Educational costs for students living in state understudies are $169 credit per hour or $529 credit per hour for students living out-of-state understudies, making it a moderate alternative for understudies in Kentucky. This school would perfect for you if you still don’t know where to start.

Website: ashland.kctcs.edu
Phone: (800)-928-4256

5. Welder Testing and Training Institute

Offering both profession-level projects and progressed welding strategy courses, this institute is licensed by five accreditation bodies that include the NYC Department of Buildings and The American Welding Society.

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WTTI has entrenched grounds locating in Allentown, Pennsylvania, but it is inclined toward its understudies preparing their game plans for lodging. The understudy/educator proportion for homeroom learning is 25 ratio 1, and the understudy/instructor proportion for the shop is 15 ratio 1.

The program’s educational cost in welder fitter is$9,900, and the educational value for the blended program is $8,140, making it one of the best schools out there.

Website: www.welderinstitute.com
Phone: (610) 437-9720

6. Modern Welding School

Established in 1936, located in Schenectady, NY, this school actualizes both night and day classes, offering its understudies greater adaptability to acquire skill while utilized full-time. Its educators are totally authorized by the New York State Education Department and have all invested energy in this field.

The educational cost for the mixed welding course is somewhere near $15,300, excluding books and hardware. An extraordinary feature of this school is that it offers ladies in this welding program, a hero for veterans, and a welding instructional class for the specialist who needs to master welding yet needn’t bother with professional accreditations.

Website: www.modernwelding.com
Phone: (518) 631-2866

7. Central Louisiana Technical Community College

Comprised of seven diverse grounds, this college holds a graduation pace of around 70%. The assessed cost per semester of the college is $2,400.

Its contributions remember courses for tack welding, arc welding, creation line welding, warm cutting, welding, making a difference. Understudies regularly take 15 hours per semester and finish the whole course in four semesters. This college requires its understudies to keep up at least 2.0 evaluation guide normal all together toward remains enlisted.

Website: www.cltcc.edu
Phone: (318) 487-5443

8. Akron Testing Laboratory and Welding School

Intending to advance the headway of value welding in the business, this school gives 45 welding corners, a pounding region, a plasma cutting machine, two band saws, and oxy-acetylene lights understudies.

The school has excellent testing laboratories. There are different learning segments; these teach how to develop the welding business and the weight channeling industry.

Understudies of this school include the exceptional occasion to perceive how their schooling impacts hands-on testing and capabilities. With classes framing throughout the year and both night-time and day classes offered, this institution endeavors to give an adaptable learning climate to understudies in each circumstance.

Website: akronweldingschool.com
Phone: (330) 753-2268

9. Apex Technical School

The mix welding innovation program at this technical school shows understudies the fundamentals of intriguing metals, line and cylinder welding, outline perusing for the metal format, electrical and gas welding cycle, a manual programmed cutting strategies.

Requiring a consolidated nine hundred hours of preparation from shop courses to study halls, the welding institution started in 1979 to show welding aptitudes for passage level positions.

In Long Island City, New York, the college costs about $15,000 per year, while 82% of its understudies accept monetary guides. This could be the best welding school for you.

Website: apexschool.com
Phone: (212) 645-3300


If you get enrolled in a welding school, it would be beneficial for your career. Plus, you’ll learn many valuable skills and learn to apply them in everyday life. There is so much diversity in this field, and the types of projects will seem endless.

Here in this article, we have chosen some of the best welding schools in the USA to kick your career. And you can quickly start your own business in this career. Let us know if you get enrolled in one of these schools.

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